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Aug. 10th, 2015 | 08:55 pm

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Statement of Purpose

Nov. 2nd, 2010 | 09:57 pm

Shit, Talia linked to me. I guess I’d better actually blog every day this month. Or at least for a few days, until everyone forgets about this blog again.

I’m applying to master’s programs this fall, and the statement of purpose is probably the part I’m agonizing over the most. I have to take the GRE, sure, but I’m preparing for it as much as I can (ok, maybe not as much, but probably in proportion to its importance). I have some regrets about my undergrad grades, but there’s nothing I can do about that now. And I’m fairly confident that I’ll have good letters of recommendation. So it all comes down to the SOP.

I’ve just sent off a very, very rough draft to a former professor, and that’s all the editing I’m going to do tonight. It probably sounds like utter drivel. You’d think it would be easy to write about something you love to think about and work on, right? Unfortunately, my tendency to overthink things gets in the way; I’ve spent many a night paralyzed by a blank word processing window, convinced that each paper must spring onto the screen, fully-formed, from my forehead.

And that is why I always failed at NaNoWriMo, even if I knew no one else would ever see my terrible composition.

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Nov. 1st, 2010 | 11:54 pm

I neglect this blog too much.

Enter: http://www.nablopomo.com/

(I know, lame excuse for a post, but I’ll have more to say tomorrow. Brace yourselves for a month+ of agonizing over my grad school apps, as I attempt to share the misery with the internets!)

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